7 Steps to Custom Made Dentures by DenturePoint 

At DenturePoint I will always give you honest opinion as to whether you really need a new set of dentures or not. If your existing dentures function satisfactorily, but you think you would like a new set, we will discuss all the points that you dislike about your current dentures and consider the best option available. It could be that your dentures only need a good clean up and a bit of high polish to return them to their original condition.

I pride myself in making aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional dentures. You must look good with your dentures, feel comfortable with them and they must function and serve you well. I guarantee you will love your new dentures!

At DenturePoint, I discuss every stage of making your denture with you. We make decisions together and I listen very carefully to your wishes and expectations, making adjustments until you are completely satisfied. 

Making new dentures will require several appointments.

    1    Appointment 1: We will discuss your existing dentures and focus on your expectations for new dentures. At this appointment, I will take the first impression, allowing me to get a primary mould and cast of your mouth.

    2    Appointment 2: In order to make perfectly fitting dentures, good impressions are essential. I will take a much more accurate mould of your mouth using custom made special trays. These trays are made using primary casts and fit your mouth much better than the stock trays initially used.

    3    Appointment 3: Today I will take lots of measurements of your face to get the optimal aesthetic and function for your new dentures. We will decide how much smile you would like to show, where to place your front teeth and other aesthetic considerations. We also choose the colour, shape and size of your teeth. It would be great if you can bring your photos showing your smile to this appointment and tell me more about your expectations. You are welcome to bring a friend or partner to assist in your decision making. We will discuss how your front teeth can support your upper lip and give you a natural, smooth look, reducing unwanted wrinkles. Finally we will record your new bite to which we will set your teeth.

    4    Appointment 4: Try-in stage. This is a very exciting appointment. You will finally be able to see your new smile! The teeth are temporarily set in wax so if any changes are needed they can easily be moved around. Today I will also check phonetics; that is, how you talk and sound with your new dentures.

    5    Appointment 5: Re-try. If there were lots of changes after the last appointment, sometimes more complex changes may be needed and re-fitting is required. Principally this appointment is for you to make sure you are 100% satisfied and your new dentures look very natural and life-like. Afterwards I can complete any last adjustments. 

    6    Appointment 6: Insert. The wax is converted into acrylic and I will fit the final denture at this appointment. I will check for pressure points and complete any final adjustments necessary.  Now you are ready to show off with your new, beautiful smile!

    7    Appointment 7: A follow up appointment: I would like to see you after a week to check how you are getting on with your new dentures. Anything can be adjusted, so please do not be worried. Just call me with your concern and I will happily look after your dentures.

I am always glad to see you again even if you just pop in to say a quick ‘hello’!

I know the denture process may sound complicated, but in fact it is quite a simple procedure and the final result is worth all the effort and care taken.

Please remember that if you need new dentures at short notice I am able to give you two appointments each day to speed things up for you. Just talk to me and we will come up with the best solution for you!