Magdalena (Maggie) holds a Master's degree in Dental Prosthetics and is a registered dental prosthetist. She has over 19 years experience working within dentistry (since 1999). She has worked at the prestigious Eastman Dental Hospital in London, Golbourn Valley Health Health Hospital Shepparton, a boutique private practice in Glen Iris Melbourne and at Griffith University Gold Coast. 

        Working in large health care services and in a boutique practice in Melbourne allowed her to work with a wide range of highly qualified professionals including many specialists. It also allowed her service a broad and diverse client base as well as develop strong communication and relationship skills with other dental professionals. Her recent clinical experience as a dental prosthetist comes from Griffith University where she received  Master’s degree in Dental Prosthetics. Griffith University put a strong emphasis on the quality of workmanship, professionalism of approaching a patient as well as on appropriate relations within the dental team.

        She has always been actively involved with the clinical and technical aspects of her job. Apart from working in the lab and clinic she also participated in other dental projects: research, experiments, lectures, interviews for dental magazines (she has had a few publications) and was a speaker at a dental conference in Liverpool. She received an award for best student in dental technology and then in the following year an award for best dental technician of the year at Eastman Dental Hospital.

Maggie practices in two locations in Mornington at the Dental Studio (2-20 Bruce Street) and Dentist’s Chair (55 Barkly Street).

         Maggie will always make a dental visit an enjoyable experience to her clients. As a hobby project she completed a Diploma course of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy with Hypnotherapy Training College Australia. Her caring and professional approach will put the most nervous patients at ease.
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