Basic Step by Step for a Broken Denture

Do not make the mistake of waiting to have your dentures repaired!

Even if it’s just a loosened part or hairline crack in your denture, do not brush it aside as a small issue. Many denture wearers ignore or delay smaller repair works only to find the damage become more difficult – and expensive – to fix later on.

Resist the temptation to fix your denture yourself with the help of a DIY kit. It is important to understand that most commercial glues are not effective or safe to use to repair dentures. The way we repair dentures is to remove a small section of the denture base material and reapply a new section. The acrylic that your denture is made from bonds readily to itself, but commercially available glues are not effective or safe to use in your mouth.

 Step by step for a broken denture

  1. First of all - don’t panic!

  2. Collect all the pieces and check if they go back together.

  3. Put all the pieces in a plastic bag.

  4. Call DenturePoint on 0400919513 and tell us how the denture broke.

  5. We will then arrange the time for a pick up and look after the rest making sure you are going to get your repaired denture as quick as possible.

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